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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Astronomers have discovered in space to the mysterious galaxy, in which there are no stars. Dark education located in 11 billion light years from Earth, filled with gas, but does not emit light. Therefore, they long remained hidden from telescopes, although in theory, scientists assumed that they still exist.

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В Израиле обнаружен крупный клад средневековых монетIsraeli archaeologists have discovered more than 100 gold dinars of the Crusades with the names of local sultans, blessings, and so on
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Обнаружено одно из наиболее ранних поселений викингов в ГерманииIn the North of Germany found the Viking town relating to the VIII century.
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Tireless space telescope Hubble discovered the fifth moon of Pluto, which was designated as P5, according to NASA. She's just a crumb - diameter P5 is from 15 to 24 kilometers.

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Человеческие кости 7000-летней давности найдены в Балтийском мореDivers-the researchers found on the bottom of the Baltic sea, Kiel most ancient ever found in Schleswig-Holstein human bones, reported the media.
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Идентифицирован крошечный и на редкость красивый птерозаврFor ten years, scientists have ignored the instance of the young flying reptiles that lived in the late Jurassic period and had only 14 cm in length (the skull - 2 cm wingspan of 30 cm). It seemed that it was just one of about 120 samples kind Rhamphorhynchus, found in the famous field Solnhofen (Germany).
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Найдена первая карта АмерикиIn the library of the University of Munich have found a hitherto unknown instance map of the world, created by famous cartographer Martin Waldseemuller approximately 500 years ago. The find became real sensation because until now has been known to scientists only four copies of the map of the world of work first cartographer who called America America.
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Астрономы открыли новый тип чёрных дырAfter three years of observation of ultra-bright galactic clusters, located 300 million light-years from Earth, astronomers announced the discovery of a new type of black holes.
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В Израиле найден клад крестоносцевIsraeli archaeologists have found a treasure of gold coins which, as they suppose, seven and a half centuries ago hid crusaders before the fall of their castle under the onslaught of the armies of the Muslims, the newspaper said "Haaretz". Researchers medieval ruins removed from the cache 108 gold dinars Egyptian chasing weighing 400 grams.
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Обнаружена планетарная система, напоминающая СолнечнуюThe system star HD GJ676A, separated from Land by 16.4 PC, has the planets, which are much harder than those in our Solar. But it plays the latest model: earth of the heavenly body with a rigid surface - near the star, and the gas giants - away.
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Жить стало веселее: обнаружены 79 новых видов акулThrough genetic testing thousands of sharks and rays (close relatives sharks), the scientists were surprised to find a significant number of new species. The results of the research have generated among biologists heated debate about the pedigree of this family. The data also suggest that some species are under greater threat than it seemed before.
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Запорожские ученые порадовали новой сенсациейZaporozhye archeologists confirm that the tribes who lived in the Azov sea at the end of VII BC, were the first on the territory of modern Europe breeders.
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Капитолийская волчица оказалась подделкойThe symbol of Rome, bronze sculpture, called Lupa Capitolina, i.e. the Capitoline wolf - has been cast not ancient Etruscans, as I thought before, and the unknown master of the middle Ages. It could be a copy of an early and not come down to us of the original, but, nevertheless, it still is a work of art in later eras.
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Найден новый бозон - но вот хиггсовский ли?Yesterday's conference in Geneva, where employees CERN announced the discovery of a new particle, still has not given a clear answer on long been tormented all the question: is it elusive Higgs boson, or not? Because the people who spoke, spoke only that found particle similar to the Higgs boson. Why are scientists so cautious?
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Астрономы обнаружили самый быстрый пульсарA neutron star x-ray pulsar in the constellation Carina, was born in the explosion of a supernova. But she did not remain pulsating "heart" of the center of the nebula, and was "expelled" into space with enormous speed. The age of the pulsar is equal to 10-20 thousand years, and this event occurred at a distance of 8-10 kiloparsecs from the Sun...
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