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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Ученые готовят земные микроорганизмы к жизни на МарсеScientists are preparing earth organisms to life on Mars. Russian scientists conducted a series of experiments with the very substance that is found Curiosity Rover and with the earthly bacteria.
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Темная историяIn 2013, we are waiting for a five eclipses - two Sunny and three of the moon. As star "blindman's buff and hide and seek" will affect our lives? Let's deal.
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Поглотит ли нас черная дыра?In our Galaxy astronomers have found an enormous concentration of stars.
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Curiosity обнаружил и сфотографировал загадочный "марсианский цветок"Although observers have called the find flower, NASA cannot understand what has found the Rover.
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Рассвет над кратером ТихоAmerican scientists from NASA showed us a photo of the Central peak in the lunar crater Tycho.
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В 2013 году ученые предсказывают Солнечный АрмагеддонElectric networks and systems-GPS on Earth, as the observations of researchers who become from year to year more sensitive and vulnerable to solar activity.
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В ближайшие 7 лет нас ждет 8 апокалипсисовThe end of the world according to the Mayan calendar on December 21, never happened. But in the Network walks schedule Apocalypses for each year up to 2020.
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Жизнь неизбежна?As from non-living chemical elements appeared living organisms is an old issue facing scientists. But in a study published in the journal Physical Biology, researchers from Santa Fe offers quite plausible and integral explanation.
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Изображения "живого" Марса представил американский инженерThe engineer and programmer Kevin Jill from the USA demonstrated how from space could look like Mars in the past, if it existed on the planet life. With the results of the simulation can be found in the blog engineer, and brief comments to them passes the Universe Today.
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Галактическое излучение может вызвать дегенарцию мозга и болезнь АльцгеймераAccording universetoday, a team of researchers from the medical center of the University of Rochester (URMC) in new York announced the results of their research. Long-term presence of astronavtov in space, for example, during the flight to Mars, can lead to health problems because of galakticheskogo radiation. In particular, to the degeneration of the brain, and perhaps even the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
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Странные спутники наших планетOver the past five years astronomers have counted in our Solar system, several dozen satellites (at the time of preparation of this article was 86), moving around their planets in the opposite direction to their rotation! They are called non-scheduled (as opposed to regular traded in the forward direction towards their planets).
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Солнечный цикл на минимуме Дальтона: ученые в раздумьяхLife on Earth depends on different factors, and one of the main is the Sun, which literally may or melt or freeze-third of the planet itself. One of the versions of the Apocalypse says that life on our planet will be completed due to the abnormal activity or passivity of the Sun. Anomalous solar activity can Wake the supervolcanoes, and abnormal passivity to bind the Earth thickness of ice from Asia to America, from the Arctic to Antarctica - and then the "end of the world" will be not a myth, but a terrible reality.
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Как спасти человечествоNothing is eternal in this world. Ever life on our planet will stop. Why this happens, it's hard to say. The only way to salvation, scientists say, that resettlement to other planets. But how to implement it?
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Отчего небо голубое?To reach the earth's surface, the sun's light must pass through these objects. But part of the light does not reach the surface, and if it comes, then indirectly.
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На последних фотографиях спутника Сатурна появился цветApparatus Cassini during the flyby on December 23, 2012 photographed the Dion (Saturn) from a distance of 249 238 km Imagery in the visible range was performed using the long-focus camera and filters subsystem ISS (Imaging Science Subsystem). Although Dion consists mainly of water ice and stone, the resulting images are nevertheless noticeable slightly colored area - take a look for yourself.
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