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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Найдут ли дореволюционные клады?The treasure - primordial passion of mankind Since ancient times, the dream about the treasures makes desperate head lowered to the bottom of the sea, to go into mysterious caves, disassemble the ruins of old castles.
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Восточный ветер – для революций и самоубийствA few years ago Andreas Layer, a leading criminologist Hamburg, working with archival legal acts, came across a remarkable document. This was the so-called Lex Frisionum (the"Code of laws of the Frisians") - code of laws of the eighth century, which was mentioned a direct link offences with air temperature.
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Мифические существа не миф?In world folklore there are lots of amazing creatures, only remotely similar to those known to modern science: centaurs, Lapiy, griffins, and others. Many of them, with outstanding appearance, does not possess any extraordinary abilities. Incomparably greater interest are mythical creatures, endowed with some supernatural properties, which scientists are sometimes quite convincing explanation.
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Тайная книга индийских заклятийAtharvaveda, the most ancient collection of the Indian spells, sorcery zagovorov this book, one of the four sacred books - the Vedas, Ancient India restrained perceive themselves Hindus? What you are looking for in her texts and representatives of other religions - Buddhists and Jains? Why do these ancient writings translated into modern languages and why to use the knowledge embodied in a book called the Atharvaveda ("Veda spells"), can only people with a pure heart? For three thousand years devoted to apply magical incantations, Atharvaveda...
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Андроиды древностиTalking heads from metal seeking alms wooden monks, artificial oracles and ceramic moving men - robot-like creatures were created by unknown geniuses millennia before us. Who were these unique master, who is ahead of his time?
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Артефакт вынесло из Израиля древнее племя ЛембаIn the new issue DiscloseTruthTV tells about the search Professor Tudor Parfitt. Mr. Parfitt has published a new book - "the Lost Ark of the Covenant", in which he describes his quest to restore the history of 2500 years of biblical artifact where he stored the stone Tablets with the Ten commandments.
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Землю опоясывают сотни пирамид. Зачем?Scientists suggest: pyramid is astronomical instruments, and not religious buildings
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Механическую деталь, которой 300 миллионов лет, нашли ученныеIn the layer of the Russian coal found a strange discovery. It is a part of the mechanical parts, which age - old dinosaur. Age of coal deposits on Chernogorodsky mine in Khakassia, where he found a strange artifact, almost 300 million years. In those days people on Earth did not exist.
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Во имя любвиTwo centuries ago the streets bustling Petersburg wandered poor beggar in the men's castoffs. The townspeople called it differently - the wanderer grad Petrov, Andrei Feodorovich, Blessed Xenia... But in the memory of descendants she remained Xenia of Petersburg, amazing woman, all life which became the hymn of eternal love.
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Взрыв в 775 году нашей эры был в 10 000 раз мощней атомной бомбыLast year, Japanese scientists have found evidence that in the 775 ad on Earth was unexpected burst of radiation of high intensity. This explosion has had the energy, about 10 000 times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It is established that in orbit around the planet disaster, which by some reason was not noticed 350 million people who lived at that time on Earth: no historical records do not mention about the strange events of the year.
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Найденный клад рассказал о трагедииRecent excavations of the ancient city in Crimea artesian once again pleased archaeologists. Scientists have found numerous fragments of terracotta figures of Greek goddesses and gods, Hiking and horse soldiers, fragments of different dishes and, most importantly, dozens of Bosporan coins, most of which were later coins Mithridates VIII.
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Поскреби еврея - увидишь хазара!Launched in 1976, the hypothesis of the Austrian-Hungarian Jewish writer Arthur kestler that European Jews originate not from Israel and from Khazaria, which was confirmed during the latest genetic research. Most Jews of the world have Eastern European roots, their ancestors came from the banks not the Jordan, and the Volga.
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Когда погибли последние дикие крокодилы на Руси?Read the famous notes Englishman Jerome Horsey, Dating from the end of XVI century. In 1589 he once again goes to Russia. We must remember that 100% of the foreigners coming to Russia, and Russia later, were not only merchants or ambassadors for documents, but also foreign agents. Spies, simply put. Either papal throne, or of any European monarch. And their notes is the kind of reports in the centre. Now what does this Horsey. (Quote from: Jerome Horsey. Notes about Russia. XVI - early XVII century, M: MSU publishing house, 1990.)
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Сокровища последнего императораFor decades we walk through the world of legends about the treasures of the Russian tsars. Russian gold, long before the revolution nested in foreign banks, excites the minds of the people. They say that access to it is open non mysterious accounts, whether encrypted in toys Imperial children, whether securely hidden in the memory of the possible heirs. Whether these statements truth?
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Захоронения неизвестного народаChinese and American archaeologists have studied disposal, which counts more than 4 thousand years. Buried in them, people do not have virtually nothing in common with either Chinese or modern Tibetans.
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