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Изменение климата в Африке 2 млн. лет назад, возможно, является причиной эволюционного бума человекаResearchers from Penn State University and Rutgers suggested that a series of rapid environmental change in East Africa, which occurred about 2 million years ago, is the cause of severe human evolution.
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Братья Гримм: интереснее своих сказокRecently Google has marked another logo 200-anniversary of "the brothers Grimm" - meeting of the German folk tales first published in 1812 by the brothers Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm and Wilhelm Karl Grimm, says Jeff ward-Bailey in his article in The Christian Science Monitor.
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Загадка Святой водыEvery year on January 19, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, is a real miracle: the water in all sources, whether it is spring, river or lake, alters its structure and acquires unique healing properties. How to explain this phenomenon?
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Древний деформированный череп взволновал «уфологов»Archaeologists digging in the Mexican desert Sonora, discovered, apparently, a cemetery early Mesoamerican community, including deformed skull.
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Курьезы науки: Эйнштейн был прав, ошибаясьIf the person is a scientific genius, even his mistakes can lead to great discoveries. So, once albert Einstein felt that he was mistaken in his famous equation and missed his chance to discover the dark energy, which opened much later. He did not even pay attention to one small hint that I gave him Erwin Schroedinger.
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Могилу Чингисхана скоро найдут?After 800 years after Genghis Khan's death there are still find his grave. For this purpose there were not only new technologies, to people searching connected Internet users worldwide. Archaeologists-fans use for this purpose Google maps with images from space satellites. And it looks like they are going to find it.
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"Железный человек" из Тибета - гость внеземного происхожденияEnigmatic sculpture, taken from Tibet Nazi expedition, made from a piece of meteorite that fell to Earth several thousand years ago. This was proved by German scientists from Stuttgart. Metal male figure with a swastika on his chest known as "iron man"
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Астероид (если это был он) убил не только динозавровIt is believed that the Cretaceous-tertiary extinction that occurred approximately 65 million years ago, has destroyed the dinosaurs, but largely spared other reptiles. There it was. Nicolas Longrich of Yale University (USA) and his colleagues came to the conclusion that disappeared about 83% of lizards and snakes.
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Стоунхендж - стройка веков и народовMegalithic construction of Stonehenge in England resigned from large Sandstone more than 4600 years ago, but the dolerites delivered from Wales much later. Scientists have recently advanced a hypothesis that Stonehenge was built for hundreds of years. Individual elements of this "construction of the century" was built in a relatively short time, but different generations of builders.
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Солнце уже устраивало нам "конец света"Researchers are not haunted by the mysterious "event of Charlemagne", which coincided with the victories of the Emperor over the Lombards. In the annual rings of trees that era detected abnormal concentration of radioactive carbon-14. American astrophysicists Adrian Melot and Brian Thomas suggested that the reason for that huge solar flare.
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О теории семи рас Человечества, также о великанахThe doctrine laid down in the Secret Doctrine" by Helena Blavatsky, in the second volume of "Anthropogenesis". Subtitle: Twelve Stranz from the "book of Dzyan" with comments. Quoted on the Riga edition 1991.
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Апостол Матфей: от мытаря до святогоThe Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew Levi Alphaeus (son of Alphaeus), whose memory is celebrated on November 29, new style is one of those spiritual warriors, who were converted unto God from sin to Holiness. The tax collectors not for nothing was known as the most despised people in ancient Israel: they can be considered the modern analogues of corrupt officials. But the transformation "Matthew the publican", the sinner of Levi, gives hope to many generations of the lost...
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150 лет назад Земле чудесным образом удалось избежать Армагеддона12 and 13 August 1883 Mexican astronomer from the town of Zacatecas detected an unusual phenomenon. He noted, about 450 strange flying objects, which created a small nebula against the Sun. A recent study shows that we were very close to the Apocalypse, reports zex2.ru.
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Семь богов счастьяSeven gods of happiness that came to us from China, India and Japan often called "international team". They worship in the East, their honor in the West. However, what is the difference, where I came from heaven. The main thing is to help in a difficult moment for us, mere mortals.
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Подлинные мистификацииThe history of writing not only people, but also things: historical documents, relics, material evidence. And always, only it comes to a document or artifact, played a prominent role in the history of mankind, the question of its authenticity. Fakes are documents and relics, the authenticity of which for decades, no one doubted. And on the contrary - in a document or artifact that can't be true, no analysis unable to expose the fraud.
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