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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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ПЯТЬ ТИТУЛОВ ФАРАОНАSince the eleventh dynasty Middle Kingdom, Pharaoh at the coronation chose five titles, or throne names. These throne names (Titus-Latour Pharaoh) were not accidental, but meant intentions of Pharaoh, future acts of the Governor - what he wanted to accomplish during his reign. In addition, the list throne names contained a reference to God, who was to do this, Pharaoh especially revered and important.
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ТАЙНЫ ЕГИПЕТСКИХ ФАРАОНОВ The history of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt so long that historians for convenience divided it into several periods, each of which is comparable in duration with the history of any European powers.
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МАЯКИ ДЛЯ ВСЕЛЕННОЙ — ПИРАМИДЫ ЕГИПТАLand of the ancient Egyptians stretched from North Africa to the far South on the river Nile. From left in the memory of the people leaving only the monuments of the past ages - majestic temples and pyramids. When to conquer Egypt Napoleon arrived, the local people could not tell about their purpose. For Muslim Arabs pyramids were just huge pagan structures. Over the centuries of Arab rule pyramid lost his wonderful facing, and now conquerors looked bare stone walls rising, tapering toward the heavens. Once, reported Arab chroniclers, pyramids were entirely covered with ancient characters.
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СЕКРЕТЫ ИМПЕРИИ ИНКОВThe Incas (correct "Inka") is an Indian tribe, the ancestors of the Quechua Indians inhabited since the XI century, in Peru and created one of the most ancient civilizations in South America.
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ФИНИКИЙЦЫAncient state Phoenicia was initially located in the Northern and Central parts of the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea, on a strip of land between sea and mountains width up to several tens of kilometers with a favorable field for agriculture and horticulture climate. The Semitic people, which the Greeks were later called by the Phoenicians, appeared on the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean for more than 5,000 years ago. Whence came these people are and where they lived before, remains for historians a mystery until now.
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МАГИЯ В ДРЕВНЕМ ЕГИПТЕMany writers-classics believed Egypt origin magical knowledge. The antiquity of its civilization, an abundance of temples and pyramids, mysterious gods with the heads of animals and birds, mysterious hieroglyphics, rituals in honor of the deceased, the deification of the pharaohs has created an enchanting one and enchanting atmosphere, which for followers of the occult still has not disappeared in the darkness of oblivion.
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ЦИВИЛИЗАЦИЯ ШУМЕРОВThe assumption about the existence of past civilizations of the Sumerians, first expressed not historians and archaeologists and linguists. During the first attempts to decrypt the Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform they are faced with literally blend of hieroglyphic, syllable and letter of linguistic symbols. This not only complicates the reading of texts that are dated by IV-III Millenium BC, but suggested that the language goes back to some more ancient, original hieroglyphic writing. Thus appeared the first indirect, but quite scientific confirmation of the information about the existence at the turn of the fifth and fourth millennia BC in Lower Mesopotamia Sumerian people.
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ЗАГАДКИ ДОИСТОРИЧЕСКОЙ КАРТЫ ЗВЕЗДНОГО НЕБАIn the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, on the banks of the river Unstrut, about 20 kilometers to the North-West of Naumburg, lies the town Nebra. In the late 90-ies of XX century in the surrounding area inside the annular shaft of artificial origin, the crowning flat, wooded top of the mountain Mittelberg, in a shallow pit dug in the rocky soil, and then covered with earth, was found a few very old subject. They stumbled across the looters. The find consisted of two swords, multiple bracelets bronze age, made, according to scientists, for 16 thousand years before Christ, and also a surprising products of unknown purpose, which will be discussed further.
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Today it is the most realistic plan for the construction of the first Lunar base. It will be more effective and cheaper to implement than any of the existing alternatives, because it uses a three-dimensional printing for quick conversion of the lunar soil in the inhabited dwellings.

Так, скорее всего, будет выглядеть первая лунная базаТак, скорее всего, будет выглядеть первая лунная база
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Глубоководная золотая лихорадка угрожает биоразнообразию морских глубинLast year the government of New Guinea issued a canadian company with the speaker called Nautilus Minerals twenty-year license for the extraction of minerals in the Sea Bismarck (new Guinea sea), in the field Solwara-1 ("Salt water-1"), located in 30 km from the coast. In this story there are only two unusual moment - the depth and breadth.
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Роботы-геологи штурмуют астероидThe company Deep Space Industries engaged in the development of the project of extraction of minerals from asteroids. To use this document and orbital robotic explorers, which will determine the value of cosmic bodies from the point of view of the presence of rare earth materials. The first unit is planned to be launched in two years.
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"Любопытный" начал бурить Марс.Curiosity приступил к первому в истории бурению на другой планетеCuriosity Rover (Curious) started the first stage of work with the rig. This is the first in the history of drilling on another planet. The purpose of drilling operations is studying the possibility of existence in the geological past of Mars conditions that could exist bacteria.
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Человечество по своей природе создано хорошим – сотрудничество перевешивает эгоизмThere is the perennial question that even some of the greatest thinkers of history, philosophers and theologians were not able to answer: do good by nature, man? Many have tried to find the answer to this mysterious puzzle, and for many was one depressing the result is that the person is doomed to roam the world in selfish agony, or that only divine intervention can redeem humanity viciousness. However, maybe this question will be answered by science?
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Астероид 2012 DA14 не тронет ЗемлюRecord convergence for objects of this size will change the orbit of the asteroid, and with us, nothing will happen.
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Метеорит или корабль пришельцевDisputes about what happened over 100 years ago, not subside until now. In human history there were many still have not understood phenomena of nature, which for a long time, was worried minds. One of such events was that received the name "Tunguska meteorite". Disputes about what it was, not subside, and so far, although it has been more than a hundred years. So what fell on the territory of Siberia 30 (17) June 1908?
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