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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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СРЕДНЕВЕКОВЫЕ АСТРОНАВТЫ АМЕРИКАНСКОГО КОНТИНЕНТАAt the turn of the 40 - 50s years of the XX century began excavations Palenque city that existed in the III-VIII centuries in Mexico in the state of Chiapas. One of the most surprising findings of archaeologists was a sarcophagus with the mummy of Pacala - ruler of the ancient Empire of the Maya. Scientists have found that the remains of Pacala were mummified in full compliance with the ancient Egyptian (!) technology. And the coffin was placed inside a stepped pyramid tombs.
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ЛУНА — ОБИТАЕМЫЙ МИР?After another successful expedition to the moon "Apollo 17 in December 1972, the Americans suddenly stopped exploration of the moon seemed to have lost interest. He woke up only in the spring of 1994, when the moon went launched by the Pentagon (and not NASA) intelligence AMC "Clementine" ("Clementine"). Officially it was reported that its main task is a photographing the entire lunar surface for the subsequent creation of the obtained images is full of "mosaic" map of the moon. However, some American selenology believe that it was not the only and perhaps not the main objective of the launch of the "Clementine".
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НЕИЗВЕСТНЫЕ САДИСТЫ НА АМЕРИКАНСКОМ КОНТИНЕНТЕKilled and brutally mutilated animals - domestic and wild - on the American continent are already more than a dozen years. All these years, farmers, veterinarians and scientists are trying to find out who and why. Many of them are convinced that to mutilate their victims unable either predators or by the people. Then who can? No answer yet. And of barbarity continue.
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ГОРОДСКИЕ РОДСТВЕННИКИ ЙЕТИUsually Bigfoot or traces of people see in the dense forests, in remote mountain areas, generally in remote, unexplored corners. Obviously it is not near to settlements and especially in the cities.
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ЖИВЫЕ ИСКОПАЕМЫЕIn the textbook of Zoology, in which pupils of the Soviet Union studied in 40 - 50s of the XX century, it was reported that at a certain stage of the evolution of fauna of the Earth, namely during the Paleozoic era, approximately at the border of the Carboniferous and Permian periods, in reservoirs, the first lobe-finned fish - Alacanti. It happened at about 300 million years ago, tens of millions of years before the Earth began to walk first dinosaurs. Alacanti lasted for almost 250 million years virtually unchanged, as evidenced by numerous findings of their fossilized skeletons in the layers of the earth's crust of different age. The reproduction of the skeleton were included in the above tutorial. And about 50 million years ago all Alacanti died out and disappeared from the face of the Earth.
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МАССОВАЯ МАНИПУЛЯЦИЯ СОЗНАНИЕМHow to protect yourself from mass brainwashing? What to do to save their psyche? These questions sooner or later asks himself every thinking man. The more we talk about this later, but for now remember funny, but very reasonable "advice" from one of the popular novel by Vladimir Pelevin. One of his heroes talked about the fact that the main "washer", of course, is the television. Therefore, to protect their psyche, it is necessary or to mute or turn the TV that it was impossible to follow the picture...
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ВСЕ ТАЙНЫ ГРААЛЯIf you want to understand what is the Grail, more precisely, under the Grail meant a thousand years ago, there is nothing more sense than to look in the era of the Grail. That is what we shall do.
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ПИАСТРЫ ОСТРОВА ГРАЙГЕНDetails of the burial of the hoard is well known and more like a novel than a documentary narration. But, we specify for doubting, every action of any character of this bloody story is confirmed by witnesses and protocols of interrogations...
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«ЛЮТИЯ» И КОЛОКОЛ «ЛЛОЙДА»In 1799 in the Strait between the Islands of Vlieland and Terschelling off the coast of Holland sank while in Hamburg gold coins and ingots on a huge even at that time the amount of 1 175 000 GBP English frigate Lucia".
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КОШКА С ГЛАЗАМИ БУДДЫThis story Arthur Conan Milked masterfully told in his "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". You probably remember when apprehended by the police thief hid large diamond in plaster figure?
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ДУХ ПРИНЦЕССЫ ИНКОВ СТОРОЖИТ СОКРОВИЩАOn uphill to the castle Nidzica in the Polish Spisz (Eastern Tatras) is a sign "beware of a Ghost!"
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«ЗОЛОТОЙ ГОРОД» ИНКОВ"Gold" - that's the magic word that they were attracted to itself the Spaniards across the Atlantic ocean...
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Тайна священника Беранже СоньераAnother story related to the treasure of the knights Templar, who was never able to find his explanation, - the mystery of the priest Berenger Sauniure.
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Загадка золота тамплиеровThis is the Order mentioned in the sensational bestseller Dan brown's "the da Vinci Code". The legends of the knights Templar became plot basis for a vast number of books and films. The Great the Order was founded in 1118 nine knights of the First crusade. A small detachment of the nine valiant warriors originally guarding the road to Jerusalem. By the way, the crusaders called his order in honor of the Solomon built the Temple of the Lord which is in Latin called Tamplum Domini. After some time, all members of the brotherhood took a number of articles of the monastic Charter.
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Царица ХатшепсутAbout Queen Hatshepsut heard many. The people of New time know the ruler of Ancient Egypt is extant grandiose constructions, Hatshepsut temple at Deir El-Bahri, the stories about the destruction of the cartouches with her name.
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