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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Порча и сглаз. Определение и признаки сглaзa и порчиWith the terms of the evil eye and spoilage already established certain values mystical sense, and to deal with this, at least, useless. Damage, evil eye is a type of verbal and nonverbal impact. The brain is a kind of biological computer, which can be programmed to certain reactions. In humans mental and bodily closely interrelated.
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Земная правда и лунная ложь.Что заставило американцев пойти на фальсификацию?The moon, as the closest to the Earth astronomical body, which has always attracted the attention of the people. With the beginning of space age she became immediate goal. The pioneers of space-Russians - in terms of the conquest of the moon ahead of the Americans landed on the Earth's satellite.
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Шаманские пророчества XXI векаSeers and prophets lived on Earth at all times. For some, their divination was a cause for deep reflection about life, for others they were only able to satisfy their curiosity, well, while others didn't want to hear or were too sceptical. But whatever the criticism did not undergo prophecy, the fact remains the fact - many of them already reflected in reality and, judging by what is happening in the world changes, the greater their number will materialize in the near future...
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Люди - результат генетических экспериментов?If we examine carefully the frescoes of churches of Egypt, only the blind will not see that here was the most natural "genetically engineered landfill"
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К нам приближается зеленая комета Lemmon, она прибудет вслед за кометой Pan-STARRSAccording to Space Weather, 2013, will likely become the year of the comet. Comet Pan-STARRS will also be visible to the naked eye in March, will follow it, perhaps, the Great comet ISON in November. Now we should add to this list the green comet Lemmon (C/2012 F6).
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Вездесущий "шестиног" для лунных колонистовIf you ever begin to build a base on the moon, you have to solve the problems of cargo transportation in the conditions of loose surfaces and low gravity. To this end, the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA develop conveyor ATHLETE (All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer), or "cross-country of the six-legged extraterrestrial Explorer".
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It is believed that the famous Callsign SOS, indicating that the ship sinks is an abbreviation of the English phrase Save Our Souls, that is, "save our souls". Actually it is not that other, as a myth. In fact, the SOS signal (if in the Morse code, it ' three-point - three-dash - three dots") is not an acronym some phrases.
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Откуда взялись магнитные поля?How in the Universe appeared a magnetic field? Before, it was believed that this could not happen immediately after the Big Bang - these fields appeared only with the birth of the first stars. However, new studies of American and German scientists say that is really weak magnetism could arise earlier. But how exactly did this happen?
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Легендарный монстр клюнул на нехитрую приманкуTo remove a giant squid in its natural habitat, had to show imagination
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Судьба передается по наследству?Some people believe that their life is predetermined by the stars. Others believe that their fate man creates himself. And third, try to rationally explain all the events that happen in life. For example, predetermination of Genesis, from the point of view of science, can be explained through genetics, one of the greatest discoveries made by mankind. But this is a rather controversial issue.
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Крыльями машут не только ангелы"The Egyptian God of the Mountains were depicted with the head of a Falcon flying witches-harpy attacking people... On the harpies we know from Greek mythology. Their was attacked during his trip hero Jason and his friends-the Argonauts. Is God-the bird and the ancient Slavs
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Внутренний мир Земли — АгартаLet's start with the Buddhists in their theology fervently believe in his existence. They believe that this is a world super men and women, who sometimes come to the surface to monitor the development of the human race. They also think that this underground world contains millions of people and many cities, and the capital of Shambhala. It is believed that the Master in this world gave the Dalai Lama of Tibet and it was his earthly representative. His messages were transmitted through certain secret portals linking this inner world with Tibet.
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Почему инопланетяне не вступают в контактThe possibility of contact with alien civilizations care about humanity for centuries. Modern space telescope Kepler (Kepler)allowed scientists to look into the far corners of the Universe. He helped to establish that only within our Galaxy conditions for the emergence of various forms of life have more than 500 million planets.
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Американцев атаковали на Луне?Scientists have long considered the moon as a storehouse of mineral resources of the earth civilization and the future Outpost for Solar system exploration. However, there are evidences of the fact that our cosmic neighbor owners already have.
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Эксперименты Тесла едва не погубившие мирEven after many decades after the death of Nikola Tesla mysterious experiments of this great physics continue to haunt the minds of scientists and discussed in the media. In particular, there is a version that the Tunguska catastrophe of 1908 was caused by experiments N. Tesla.
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