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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Физическое бессмертие – возможно ли оно?At all times people were sure that they measured too little earthly life. It became the reason of intensive work methods, which would help to prolong life or to make a man immortal. Sometimes these methods were terrible and cruel, and it came to cannibalism and sacrifice...
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Галактический сдвиг и прецессионный цикл (в книге Сэл Рейчел)"There are still three other cycle that should be aware of. The first cycle is the most important of all, he's even stronger than the precessional cycle. We call it the galactic shift. It is discussed in more detail in the next Chapter. Two other relatively weaker compared with the first and will be discussed here.
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«Я видел ад. Это был современный город с рекламой»The man who had been in the afterlife. He was raised up 17 times in a row! Pensioner from Bosnia, eight years ago shocked doctors, friends and journalists sensational story about their adventures on the light disappeared...
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Эгрегор «конца света»Hypothetical "doomsday" humanity "waiting for the" not for the first time. The prediction of a "day of judgment" is almost all peoples, in all the religions and cultures. So, the idea, which has many supporters, over the millennia could not form a powerful egregor! Humanity is constantly creates the egregor "end of the world"by feeding it with their energy.
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ТОЧНОЙ ДАТЫ КОНЦА СВЕТА НЕ ЗНАЕТ НИКТОIn the Bible there is no exact date of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Declaration of any date of end of the world is a thing which is absolutely alien to the Orthodox Church. There is no Conciliar decisions, any messages from Church Hierarch or recognized theologian, which would be expressed in a similar spirit.
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Психотронное оружие для использования на массахPsychotronic experiments on unsuspecting people are held in secret for a long time.
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Еще один взгляд на переход: Грядущие событияRecently several people have received similar questions about the future: what do you expect people than would mark themselves 2012, will there be a new era for what it is, can we expect a "doomsday", what will be different life in the near future from the present.
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Подобно растениям люди могут «заряжаться» энергией от других людейA group of researchers-biologists, University of Bielefeld, Germany (Bielefeld, Germany) made a scientific breakthrough, showing that plants are able to use alternative energy sources from other plants. Perhaps this discovery will seriously affect the future of bioenergy and, ultimately, will provide evidence that people in the same way "charged" energy from other people.
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Десять главных прогнозов журнала «Футурист» на 2013 год и далееDuring these years "look into the future" managed to predict events such as the advent of the Internet, virtual reality, the financial crisis of 2008 and the end of the Cold war. However, these forecasts were rather General nature, which allowed to use them except as a seed for a chat. We hope that this report on developments in the field of business and Economics, demography, energy, environment, health and medicine, resources, society and its values, and technologies that will inspire you to own research and will allow you to ride the new opportunities of the coming decades.
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Вселенная – это большая иллюзия?Why the world looks so, and not otherwise? As he really is arranged? Why it happens, what we call miracles, and why there are physical laws? Is it possible to learn to control reality and the events that occur around us? There is only one theory that explains it: the so-called material world simply does not exist...
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Как версия: Гиганты, НЛО, Змеи - все дело в фосфореConventional mechanical engineer, working as a translator, one day you decide to understand why in Crimea often see anomalous phenomena: glowing orbs in the sky over the mountains or across the sea, is mistaken for UFOs, unusual red tides in the sea, or a sea monster, called Garadagh serpent.
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Как Новая Зеландия украдет ваше летоHere in Auckland 48 dormant volcanoes and very low seismic activity, in contrast to Wellington, which is at fault or Christchurch, which is a thin plate. I think, for anybody not a secret, that both the kiwi-island are at high risk, and generally relatively recently emerged from the ocean depths due to the collision of several tectonic plates. As in Japan in General.
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Будет ли конец, наконец?Well as you can! Isn't it time to stop scaring us? The Lord has commanded us to think in terms of hope, not despair. Fortunetellers, seers, futurologists, prophets, just dreamers somehow look into the future, as in the Bank with spiders: frightened and squeamish... Oh, how wonderful discoveries we -- or, pardon me, as we all terrible already predicted to date! And the truth, how much?
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Ученые нашли способ предсказать время смерти человека American scientists have found a way to accurately predict the time of day when the person most likely to die from stroke or heart attack. This factor is determined by the particular combination in the human genotype, writes Daily Mail.
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Бог живет в другой вселеннойScientists at Cambridge and Princeton universities made a sensational statement, saying that "Big Bang", which voids allegedly universe was created, was preceded by a "Big splash".
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