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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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МАССОВАЯ МАНИПУЛЯЦИЯ СОЗНАНИЕМHow to protect yourself from mass brainwashing? What to do to save their psyche? These questions sooner or later asks himself every thinking man. The more we talk about this later, but for now remember funny, but very reasonable "advice" from one of the popular novel by Vladimir Pelevin. One of his heroes talked about the fact that the main "washer", of course, is the television. Therefore, to protect their psyche, it is necessary or to mute or turn the TV that it was impossible to follow the picture...
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Крыльями машут не только ангелы"The Egyptian God of the Mountains were depicted with the head of a Falcon flying witches-harpy attacking people... On the harpies we know from Greek mythology. Their was attacked during his trip hero Jason and his friends-the Argonauts. Is God-the bird and the ancient Slavs
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Змей волошинских местIn January 1936 in the Black sea near the Crimean coast in the network fishermen got a living creature with a horse head. Scared to death they immediately broke tackle and it was released to freedom, and they went back to the shore.
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Цивилизации-кротыIt's hard to find people, which would not be legend or legends about certain beings who live in a dark dungeon. They say that their origins were from dwarfs so familiar with fairy tales and somehow disappeared from the surface of our earth. They had a great stock of knowledge and crafts, and for reasons that are unclear to us, people were unfriendly, rather hostile.
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На Вас внимательно смотрит Ваш ДомовыйStories, tales all about them tell not only ancient village grandmother, but, shyly smiling, well-educated urban dwellers. Yes, and how to tell if such stories happen that way, as the intervention of supernatural beings cannot be explained. They live in our world they live in Your home, it is almost like people....take a Look, and maybe You'll catch a glimpse, as right now You look attentively Your House.
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Мифические существа не миф?In world folklore there are lots of amazing creatures, only remotely similar to those known to modern science: centaurs, Lapiy, griffins, and others. Many of them, with outstanding appearance, does not possess any extraordinary abilities. Incomparably greater interest are mythical creatures, endowed with some supernatural properties, which scientists are sometimes quite convincing explanation.
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Землю опоясывают сотни пирамид. Зачем?Scientists suggest: pyramid is astronomical instruments, and not religious buildings
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Магия новолуний-2013Want to get rid of adversity and gain power over life circumstances? It is possible. From us you want one: how to behave in each of the 12 new moons 2013.
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Тайна Ладожской НессиTerrible sea monster, the heartbreaking medieval ships in the Northern seas, fossil plesiosaurs lakes in Scotland... More recently, a similar pattern could be found only in old prints or in science fiction novels. Today's news is full description of creatures living in the water bodies of Russia. It draws, the journalistic imagination or frightening reality? To tell about relict animals, including the Ladoga Nessie, "Steps" said the traveler, ethnographer Alexei Popov.
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Таинственная глубина хрустальных шаровFor centuries people have an interest in to the balls of rock crystal (quartz). In ancient times it was considered that there is a magic power to see the past and the future. The soothsayers looked into their vague depth looked in her prophetic picture. Crystal ball and still is an indispensable attribute of any self-respecting the magician and the clairvoyant. Such balls are wondering predict, communicate with the dead.
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Механическую деталь, которой 300 миллионов лет, нашли ученныеIn the layer of the Russian coal found a strange discovery. It is a part of the mechanical parts, which age - old dinosaur. Age of coal deposits on Chernogorodsky mine in Khakassia, where he found a strange artifact, almost 300 million years. In those days people on Earth did not exist.
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Ученые выяснили, где прячется совестьIt seems that scientists have found in the brain special zone, responsible for helping your neighbor. Until recently, altruism was considered "anomaly" behaviour, acquired in the process of social development. But from the middle of XX century began to talk of the good deeds, apparently sent by the brain. A recent experiment of American scientists has proved it.
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Что там, в астральном мире?Our soul is part of another world, where there are other, incomprehensible to us physical laws. Especially clearly person feels during clinical death, when fully merges with his spiritual essence.
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Когда погибли последние дикие крокодилы на Руси?Read the famous notes Englishman Jerome Horsey, Dating from the end of XVI century. In 1589 he once again goes to Russia. We must remember that 100% of the foreigners coming to Russia, and Russia later, were not only merchants or ambassadors for documents, but also foreign agents. Spies, simply put. Either papal throne, or of any European monarch. And their notes is the kind of reports in the centre. Now what does this Horsey. (Quote from: Jerome Horsey. Notes about Russia. XVI - early XVII century, M: MSU publishing house, 1990.)
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Тайна волн-убийц и воронок дьяволаFor a long time the existence of huge waves that occur during calm weather, was denied, and only accidentally commit helped to start the research problem. But only now Australian researchers managed to obtain a so-called wave-killer in the laboratory.
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