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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Физика невозможного - ТелекинезOne day the gods gathered in heaven and began to complain about the miserable state of mankind. Our vanity, stupid and pointless antics could inspire only disgust. But one God took pity on us and decided to make an experiment: to give one very ordinary person with unlimited power. Here's the question: how will man become God?
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Физика невозможного - ТелепатияHuge potential of telepathy and our darkest fears associated with it, as in a mirror, reflected in the novel by Alfred van Vogt "Clan".
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Проснись сам и разбуди другихProbably not left on the Earth the man who would not know about the fateful date of December 21, 2012. Think of all we have heard about it! The end of the world, the third world, the attack of the alien, the world's energy crisis. We are frightened by TV, Newspapers and magazines, Internet articles on the websites of all directions. Modern humans probably been looking for the answer to this question: what will it be, really??? We will try to answer it.
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Физическое бессмертие – возможно ли оно?At all times people were sure that they measured too little earthly life. It became the reason of intensive work methods, which would help to prolong life or to make a man immortal. Sometimes these methods were terrible and cruel, and it came to cannibalism and sacrifice...
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Вторая попытка человечестваArtifacts, contradicting the conventional theory of the origin and development of mankind, is amiss are located in various parts of the world. Scientists then the figure of a man in a suit in the ancient burial ground will find the imprint of the tread of boots in Sandstone, the age of which 10 million years, a porcelain Cup, which 500 thousand years.
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«Я видел ад. Это был современный город с рекламой»The man who had been in the afterlife. He was raised up 17 times in a row! Pensioner from Bosnia, eight years ago shocked doctors, friends and journalists sensational story about their adventures on the light disappeared...
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Эгрегор «конца света»Hypothetical "doomsday" humanity "waiting for the" not for the first time. The prediction of a "day of judgment" is almost all peoples, in all the religions and cultures. So, the idea, which has many supporters, over the millennia could not form a powerful egregor! Humanity is constantly creates the egregor "end of the world"by feeding it with their energy.
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Когда люди возникали ниоткудаMysterious and inexplicable cases of people appeared out of nowhere, speaking in strange tongues, and talking about unfamiliar places.
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Колдуны и ведьмы в России"Witch hunt", raging in the Middle ages in civilized European countries, forever marred their history. Russia in those days looked much more humane and sensible country. But the fashion to look for all the troubles of the machinations of the evil spirit touched her.
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Звездные ВратаIn different parts of the world, on all surface of the Earth are special points that mystics have called "Places of Power". These singular points of the planet are the custodians of the divine wisdom, they have special power and bear consciousness certain light codes that are beneficial for the physical and spiritual health and is able to reveal the secret ancient knowledge, finding that he will be able to use them for the benefit of themselves and others.
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Ящер из АвстралииThe small town of orange, located on the Western plains in New South Wales (Australia), known for its blossoming orchards. Most people don't even suspect that under the city at a depth of two hundred meters there is a large cave, possibly associated with the legendary underground Binomial.
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Спираль времениAncient researchers have noted that all life evolves in cycles. Events of this sometimes with remarkable precision copy "the events of long bygone days".
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Человек на пути познанияLooking back at the past of mankind, each of us compares himself to earlier generations. And inevitably comes to the conclusion that our contemporaries are much better adapted to existence in a complex world is much more aware of it and have more power than those who lived with, say, a couple of centuries ago.
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Конец света в сновидениях и пророчествахIn Kazan branch research organizations "Kosmopoisk" began to receive messages from people who dream of a coming Apocalypse. The content of the dream about the same: the city is rolled giant wave that washes away everything in its path. What is it - people are just afraid of the end of the world or foresee real events?
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Дверь в нирвануRecently, as if trampling own death, dead, increasingly began to come back to life, shocking employees ritual institutions, doctors, relatives. This mysterious facts could not be of interest to scientists who have attempted studies of clinical death, to analyze the experience had been "in the old days the river Styx and returned back.
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