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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Нас окружает невидимый мирNow more and more talk about the fact that on the Ground in parallel with biological life there is an invisible energy life. And, just as the evolution of biological species led to the appearance of people, the evolution of energy types have led to the emergence of a "reasonable stealth". But if such stealth do exist, then they must live side by side with us and know us...
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Захоронения неизвестного народаChinese and American archaeologists have studied disposal, which counts more than 4 thousand years. Buried in them, people do not have virtually nothing in common with either Chinese or modern Tibetans.
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Умирая, мозг «вспоминает» даже момент рожденияWhat happens for those 5 minutes, when the resuscitators trying to pull dying from oblivion?
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ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИStatistics shows that every second person believes that once he has already lived on this earth. What was he: a slave, a courtesan, a mercenary or a monk? These questions will help us to answer the German specialist therapy past lives Reinhold Klotz.
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Музей ЛюцифераOn the threshold of the third Millennium of the Christian era have been many predictions about the coming end of the world. Some were planning it for 1999, but when nothing terrible happened, began to push the fateful date in the future. First, in the current decade of the XXI century, then on, and on, and so on tens and hundreds of years ahead. The essence of the story about the end of the world, as it is known, that after the seizure of power on Earth, the Antichrist will be a decisive battle in heaven and hell forces, and on the planet, in the end, will reign the Kingdom of God.
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Отчего возникает дежа вюHave you ever had the feeling that the place you are in for the first time, strikingly familiar to you?Or that this particular conversation in all its detail was already happening before?
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В ожидании суперурагановLeft behind due date on the Mayan prophecy. According to the chronology of ancient Indians, the modern era began on 12 August 3114 B.C. and was to be completed on December 21, 2012. The singularity of this prediction is that the exact date is specified, but a description of what happens there.
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Что скрывает наука о человеческом мозге?Since childhood, all of us, almost since the middle ages, taught that man thinks (and thinking?) it is the Brain. There is the world centre for the study of the brain and its functions. Neurosurgeons make subtle and precise operations on the brain. Psychology in collaboration with neurophysiology and physics investigate electrical and neural structures in the brain. And all this, as it were, is and scientific basis and practice. But, that's a very substantial body of evidence, COMPLETELY denying (or questioning) the main Dogma of the Brain.
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Гости из иной реальностиPhantoms of other universes. Several cases from the experience of non-governmental research groups "Avesta", in the Soviet era created in Samara group of local scientists. And although since its Foundation it has been almost three decades, "Avesta" to this day continues to study various abnormal problems.
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Тайны эффекта дежавюSometimes, you know, I saw this street was in this castle, experienced a similar situation, or know that I will answer thee interlocutor, what signs will accompany the words -- That is, deception of the senses? Or maybe you have lived these events in a past life or parallel reality?
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Веды про Конец СветаIn two words: the end of the world will not soon, and certainly not worth it to wait in December 2012 year, although major disasters and other troubles is not excluded.
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ВАЛЬТЕР СКОТТ ПРОДАЛ ДУШУ ДЬЯВОЛУ!As shows the Internet in recent years, online today you can buy absolutely everything! This statement is not an exaggeration and, in fact, not very far from the truth. The network provides a unique opportunity to buy and sell almost everything, without any geographical barriers. Even the human soul!
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Алистер Кроули создал "проклятие фараонов"In 1920-1930-ies more than 20 people who were related to the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor, died under very strange circumstances. This gave rise to the famous legend about the "curse of the pharaohs". More recently, however, historian mark Beynon put forward a sensational hypothesis - all the victims were killed by the leader of Satanists by Aleister Crowley!
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Вещие сны видят всеAbout dreams, foretelling the great world of defeat and victory, everyone has heard of. But dreams can see all: you only need to learn to translate with the "nevidannogo" language of habitual.
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Что человеку нужно знать о своих снах?Senseless dreams does not happen. 90% of our dreams reflect anxieties, desires and stress in our lives. Dreams are trying our subconscious to find answers to the questions that it may not get during wakefulness.
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