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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Филиппины и Бразилию терроризируют оборотниMany residents of the Netherlands believe that the Apocalypse will come in four years and has already begun to take steps to prepare for a terrible event, according to the Dutch media, which conducted a survey of thousands of its readers asked when, in their opinion, will be the end of modern civilization.
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Нашел что то необычное? Лучше скорее забудь про это!Not so long ago a Peruvian farmer found more than 10 thousand unique artifacts stones of different sizes, where the ancient artist was engraved absolutely incredible scenes where people have entered fight with dinosaurs, was sitting at the telescopes, had the difficult surgery, etc. Stones soon got the name "Stones IKI".
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Змее подобные боги правили миромStatistical surveys about the preferences of people show that the snake is extremely unpopular animal. It was named the most maloimyschim being the maximum number of respondents - 27%. Against the spider, who took second place, spoke to 9.5% of the respondents. When all the hatred that people have to the snakes cannot fail to impress that reptiles were a sacred symbol of many ancient civilizations.
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Тайна исчезновения экспедиции полковника ФоссетаOne of the unsolved mysteries of the history of research in South America remains the disappearance of the expedition Colonel Percy fausett in the heart of the Amazon jungle in 1925.
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Расширение наших паранормальных возможностей – биофизический и клинический подходы к парапсихологииAlthough most modern discussions about the existence of paranormal occurs in research psychology and culture, in reality the history of the study of psychic abilities as much, if not more, is based on the physical Sciences and clinical medicine.
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Не воспитай в семье вампира!Vampirism in mythological occult understanding supposedly gives immortality, but it robs or takes the life of another. Remember, as in fairy tales beautiful Princess turned into a frog and a boy into a lamb. This Koschey the Immortal or Baba Yaga received additional power for their crimes. So in fairy tales described vampirism, and it says its long-standing and deep roots. The same thing we sometimes see in a real relationship between people.
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Единицы переживают клиническую смертьEvery day in the world dies a lot of people, and only few are destined to live through the state of clinical death and return to life. But to get a unique gift of foresight in an accident given one in a million. Such a fate befell the American Dannion Brinkley.
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Человек, который чувствует дыхание землиHappy parents named her son Fedor. He was born in a small village Kotovsky district of Volgograd region. And in school Fedor went learns already in Kamyshin, where his family moved after leaving unpromising village.
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Чёрная тень на белой стенеI wonder why ordinary physical phenomenon, but rather, as they say in the books, "spatial optical phenomenon, expressed visually perceptible silhouette arising on an arbitrary surface due to the presence of an object between it and the source of light, causes us so much emotion, vague feelings, and maybe even fear? It's a common shadow. The place that your body we close from the sun. Well, if not us and not his?
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О теории семи рас Человечества, также о великанахThe doctrine laid down in the Secret Doctrine" by Helena Blavatsky, in the second volume of "Anthropogenesis". Subtitle: Twelve Stranz from the "book of Dzyan" with comments. Quoted on the Riga edition 1991.
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11 Мифов об индигоMyth 1: "all of Indigo blue aura." Nancy Ann Teppa, which first started talking about Indigo, was synesthesia. This feature perception allowed her to see the world in colors. Each color is associated to a set of specific qualities or properties. As is known, people with synesthesia own comprehension of colors, some see the gray, the other is blue, the same information they perceived differently. Synesthesia has nothing to do with aura.
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Люди подвержены воздействию астральных сущностейThere came a time when even some eminent scientists are beginning to seriously interested in the Subtle world, his astral inhabitants and how they interact with us, earthly humanity.
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Физика невозможногоWill we learn someday walk through walls? Build starships, capable of flying faster than light? To read minds? To become invisible? To move objects with their mind? To instantly overcome space?
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Физика невозможного - Будущее невозможногоAre there truths that will forever remain inaccessible to us? Whether there are storehouses of knowledge, which will be beyond even advanced civilization? Of all the technologies that we have discussed in this book, only the eternal engine and a vision of the future had to be carried to the III class of impossibility. Are there other, equally impossible technology?
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Физика невозможного - Предвидение будущегоIs there such a thing as clairvoyance, or a vision of the future? This ancient concept is present in every religion, you can remember oracles of Greece and Rome and the old Testament prophets. But pay attention: in such subjects foresight often becomes a curse. In Greek mythology, there is a myth about Cassandra, the daughter of the king of Troy, which for its beauty attracted the attention of the sun God Apollo. To win liked him a girl, Apollo gave her the ability to see the future.
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