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Иисус в Исламе: не Бог, но ПророкOnce in Palestine wars were fought over the Holy Sepulchre. Christians fought with Muslims, not accept Christ. The Muslims fought against Christians, not recognized the Prophet. And if the latter can not agree, then the first - not quite true: Jesus Muslims believe. And even revered as almost immortal. It is almost. Why? Let's face it.
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Внутренних часов у человека многоIf you disconnect your computer, throw clock and stop watch mobile phone, you will still not get rid of the feeling of passing minutes, hours and days. The brain has its own sense of time. Previously it was assumed that in the Central nervous system has a separate area-timer. As shown by recent experiments, the sense of time in the brain decentralized. For each and every task he gets a separate "watch" in different areas. It is an evolutionary mechanism, formed over millions of years. The sense of time, by the way, is characteristic not only to people, it is, and the animals.
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10 продуктов, которые мы ошибочно считаем полезными10 products that we mistakenly believe are useful for our organism. However under the cut.
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Можно ли заболеть из-за пластиковых бутылок? It seems that everything we eat and drink, "shrouded" plastic. Is this a problem, and is this dangerous for our health? It all depends on what kind of plastic is it that you do and who you ask. Should think about bisphenol a, component plastic, which has recently been questioned.
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Истина, стоящая за 9 старыми предубеждениямиNow it just feels like obsidianus fact that swimming immediately after eating will lead you to what appeared suddenly cramp would take you to the bottom. Moreover, everyone knows that if you look too close to the TV, you can destroy your sight.
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Здоровый сон излечит все фобииPhobia - the disease is extremely unpleasant, even painful. Uncontrollable fear can cause anything from insects, stray dogs, confined spaces, descent to the metro. The paralyzing sense, panic accompanied by sweating, palpitations and involuntary trembling of the hands and feet. Scientists offer a revolutionary method of treatment of phobias: to get rid of them will sleep. Simple Sandman significantly reduces fear, and the most effective sleep in combination with aromatherapy.
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Почему обречена современная медицина? Мнение ВОЗWhy today, a growing number of experts say about the end of modern medicine?
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Десять необычных домашних средств, которые действительно лечат1. Sugar stop hiccups. Hiccups are annoying, but you can stop it for one minute, eating a teaspoon of powdered sugar. Experts believe that the sudden irritation of receptors language that is responsible for the feeling of sweet, overloads pulses nerves mouth and stop hiccups.
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Друг лекаря и хвала повараSo in the early middle Ages Charlemagne describe the role of spices. In fact, aromatic herbs valued not only for its food quality, but for healing properties. Because essential oils, tannins and bitter contained in a number of plants that have a noticeable therapeutic effect.
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Ходьба быстрым шагом снижает риск развития инсульта, сердечного приступа и продлевает жизньWhen you walk, you leisurely stroll or energetic pace, as if in a hurry? The researchers ascertained that the walking speed can play a role in preventing stroke and heart disease, the recommended for people to walk on a daily basis and at a fast pace.
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Четыре простых, эффективных и натуральных средства для профилактики гриппаEvery autumn and winter begins the so-called "season of cold". So they say, because people often catch cold in the cold season. In drugstores, stores and other places are waiting for you of the vaccination for the prevention of influenza.
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7 продуктов, которые вызывают депрессиюIn General, all food stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness. However, not all food is really uplifting. Some are for a person neutral, while others can uplift only for a short period of time, after which the person is risking to immerse themselves in an even worse state than he had before. American scientists have compiled a list of seven products, capable to spoil the mood of the person.
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Где прячутся привычкиHabit is called a deep-rooted form of behaviour, which works independently from our consciousness. We automatically find in the morning the way to the kitchen and on the machine, go to the transport (or sit in the car), not really thinking over what we do. It is believed that the usual action of help to relieve the brain from the routine, allowing him to do something more important. That is, from the point of view of neurophysiology unloaded resources prefrontal cortex, our main analytical center, meet, let's say, for conscious life. The habit goes in subcortical structures, called the basal ganglia.
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Что скрывается за переливанием кровиThe modern approach of Orthodox medicine to health concerns, at best, three-dimensional. But the esoteric knowledge of antiquity meant the whole complex of knowledge. Any esoteric necessarily have been a healer. Modern medicine crossed all pradipat of mankind, tried to become the smartest of all, existing only 150-200 years. This was achieved by the System of removing Potential, making medicine, her maid, and a tool for conducting experiments on humans. Why every time here to drive the "plates", when you can on earth to organize the necessary hospitals, and let the Humans themselves tearing at each other and reshape under the strict guidance System. Who, they say, is to blame, since they are "smart".
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Топ 9 самых странных историй глазами американцевSometimes the stories that have no relation to politics, military conflicts, loud crimes or global warming, we seem to be weird. We offer to your attention the top 9 strange tales that seemed so Americans.
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