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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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В Турции, возможно, обнаружены новые ПомпеиВ Турции, возможно, обнаружены новые ПомпеиВ Турции, возможно, обнаружены новые Помпеи

In the fourth century Bishop Nikolai turned the city to the World on the Mediterranean coast in the capital of the Christian world. Later this figure was canonized, and it turned into our Nicholas and Santa Claus, but the World was waiting for the less fortunate fate.
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Древние римляне и греки лечили глаза цинкомMedical drugs are discovered on the site of the incident 2 thousand years ago shipwreck, suggests that the Mediterranean civilization of classical antiquity knew very complicated preparations.
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Алистер Кроули создал "проклятие фараонов"In 1920-1930-ies more than 20 people who were related to the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor, died under very strange circumstances. This gave rise to the famous legend about the "curse of the pharaohs". More recently, however, historian mark Beynon put forward a sensational hypothesis - all the victims were killed by the leader of Satanists by Aleister Crowley!
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Дольмены: стол, за которым пирует тайнаGreat archaeological discoveries still happen. Who knows, maybe after Troy and in the Valley of the pyramids of the pharaohs third largest event in the world of archaeology will soon be considered dolmen complex in the valley of the river Janet near Gelendzhik. To remember everything!
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5 самых кровавых цивилизаций древностиRemembering the words of the famous Spanish philosopher George of Santana: "Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it", I want to note that we definitely need to be more attentive to our history.
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В Мекке обнаружена чеканка каменной кладки с христианской фигуройArchaeologists have discovered what they believe to be the ruins of the Christian Empire, buried in the mountains of Yemen. This discovery has led to a theory that it probably was once a Christian Church in Mecca.
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Древний город АннунаковAccording to the researcher, publisher and producer, Michael Tellinger, in Africa found ancient city of Anunnaki, consisting of many unusual structures. Representatives of the lost civilization of aliens from outer space arrived on our planet about 200,000 years ago, intending to mine gold.
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Туристы, отмечавшие конец света, повредили древний храм в ГватемалеThe celebration is not held to the end of the world or, at the Mayan beliefs, change of epochs, caused serious damage to several monuments of ancient architecture in the national Park Tikal (Guatemala)said technical expert Park Osvaldo Gomez.
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Рисунки, которые создавались вовсе не для того, чтобы на них смотретьThe scientists had a theory that the "Nazca lines" - strange figures, applied on the earth one and a half thousand years ago in the desert of Peru was used in ritual as labyrinths.
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Код АпокалипсисаDecember 21, 2012 according to the Maya calendar must come to an end. Such terrible conclusions made on the basis of several findings calendar tables Mayan of Tortuguero and inscriptions inscribed on the brick Church in Comalcalco.
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Карникс - труба галлов, пугавшая римлянEight years ago the French archaeologists have found in the village of Tinteniac ancient treasure, consisting of more than 500 iron and bronze fragments. They all represent balances kurnikov - legendary musical instruments of the Gauls. Before scientists could not find a single whole karnick. But now the reconstruction was completed and the instrument can be played.
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Захватывающий детектив времен Древнего ЕгиптаDiscovered evidence of a conspiracy against the last major Egyptian Pharaoh's epoch of the New Kingdom of Ramses III. Egyptologists have uncovered the mystery of the death of the king, killed more than three thousand years ago. In the coup Rameses cut the throat with a sharp blade. However, the assassin of the Tsar do not escape retribution - buried him alive.
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НАСА против безумия, связанного с календарем майя.("The Time")If you want to see the full hall of the people, openly showing his irritation, just go to the conference of astronomers or specialists in ancient civilizations of Central America and holler it out there: "Apocalypse Maya!"
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Зачем одному фараону четыре гроба?Experts restore the largest ancient Egyptian sarcophagus of red granite, which rested the mummy of Pharaoh Merneptah, son and successor of Ramses II. Striking not only the external dimensions of the sarcophagus, but that sarcophagi - four, one inside the other. But the images should tell scientists what purpose it was done.
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"Железный человек" из Тибета - гость внеземного происхожденияEnigmatic sculpture, taken from Tibet Nazi expedition, made from a piece of meteorite that fell to Earth several thousand years ago. This was proved by German scientists from Stuttgart. Metal male figure with a swastika on his chest known as "iron man"
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