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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Странствующая звезда изменила наклон нашей планетыAstronomers are constantly concerned about one thing: why the Earth's orbit is inclined by 7 degrees relative to the equator of the Sun? Now the new theory suggests that perhaps a roving young star passed close to the Earth and made our planet change the inclination.
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Могут ли наши тела предсказывать будущее?The body knows when to happen is something very important, at least according to a new study. If so, the study published last month in the journal "Frontiers of perception" (Frontiers of Perception), reveals something fundamentally new about the laws of human nature.
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Ученые: когда родился - так и проживешь!That figures affect our lives, astrologers say a long time ago. Their studies indicate that between the date of birth of the person and his health, happiness and career there is a direct link. Actually, until recently, they were considered the main specialists in the answers to the question, what awaits us in the future. Now joined them and scientists.
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Новый год 2013. Нашествие рептилоидов или очередной конец Света?Coming next to an end. But enthusiasm on the faces of people there. Tired we are of all, we start trekking. Already and nobody panics. Peacefully drowning another state in the U.S. and tremble somewhere in the East. Who cares? Yes anybody, because now available unlimited Internet.
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10 недоказанных вещей, в которые люди все равно верятEmpirical evidence allow us to understand what to believe and what not, but sometimes get cold hard facts is impossible. Even when we have no solid evidence to support the existence of something, people tend anyhow extend" faith in certain things.
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О существовании иной реальности после нашей смертиThe book of Ibena Alexander the Third in literally blew up the world. Reported it today, magazines, said public figures and politicians, professional sphere shaken to its foundations.
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ГМО помидоры защитят от атеросклерозаCalifornia state University: genetically modified foods is much more effective to cope with illnesses than drugs. They talked about it during the meeting of the American heart Association 2012. So, head of research, Alan Fogelman, shared the results of the work.
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В 2015 году будет конец света. Валентина ГаташSociety alarmists ( from English larm" -- anxiety, "alarmist" -- alarmist) was established in Kharkov. It has businessmen, scientists, teachers. I also managed to become a member, because I agree to participate in the development of the main ideas alarmists. And it is this: the disaster -- the engine of evolution. About as wrote in the letter of application.
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Способно ли человеческое тело предсказывать будущееThe human body can anticipate a significant event before it happens - at least these are the results of new scientific research.
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6 самых оптимистичных прогнозов на будущее человечестваMost science fiction writers and futurists see the future of mankind in a rather gloomy paints - and not without reason. Our attitude to the environment leaves much to be desired, we too thoughtlessly use technologies and increasingly advanced in-destruction. However, there are optimists who distant future is amazing and beautiful. Here are seven of the most optimistic forecasts on the prospects of development of our civilization.
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Как будут лечить людей в будущемThe discovery, which has the potential to make a real revolution in medicine that has made the American scientists from the University of Rochester. They found the body of rodents-mole rats special protein INF beta, which literally includes a function of self-destruction inside cancer cells, thereby giving the rodents immunity to cancer.
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 Судный день Земли назначается регулярно, но все время переноситсяAmerica just had a real catastrophe from the hurricane. On the border with Canada to the storm has increased also earthquake. Venice floods for the second time in 2 weeks. Muscovites even freezing rain was suspicious that something is wrong in the nature. And nobody laughs at the Mayan calendar. According to their predictions, the end of an era is coming December 21. Did storms, floods, earthquake forerunners of this Apocalypse? "AiF" has remembered all cases the end of the world and listened to scientists.
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Апокалипсис наоборотInevitably comes nearer "X"day on which the ancient Mayan outlined the end of the world: it will happen on December 21, 2012, when the Sun crosses the plane of our galaxy. Speak and write about it a lot, often obsessive, but the result is no such a person who has not heard about the Mayan prophecy and not thinking about it. His "reflections on the end of the world before the "end of the world" sent to the editorial office of "Steps" one of our readers - Vladimir SNOW. And his point of view seemed to us so curious and at the same time, controversial, that we dare to offer you to familiarize with it.
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В центре Туманности Ориона, возможно, есть чёрная дыраThe Orion nebula has long attracted the attention of astronomers its strange. Its stars are so unusually high rate that it seems as if all the congestion we shall soon go on a separate disc. In addition, there is too little (in comparison with the average of the stellar population in the galaxy) major stars, and the share of small overly loud.
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Смена измерений - Великая переменаMost of the prophets, and indigenous peoples of the world are predicting that's waiting for the Earth and mankind. We see this final and concrete change as a change of dimensions on the planet and the transition to a new level of existence, associated with the change in human consciousness on consciousness of the Christ or Unity Consciousness.
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